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We are Abios, a Stockholm based esports company gathering, enriching and distributing engaging data and statistics. We help our partners distribute their data assets and our customers leverage data to push the envelope with their products and apps, and let their users dig into data from where the action is!

Abios was founded in the dawn of esports, with a mission to facilitate and enrich the esports experience. Since the very beginning we have put a lot of effort into providing accurate data about matches, tournaments and teams within the esports scene. Our first endeavour was a community and consumer product, which we still support. But over time the demand for engaging data grew amongst other businesses, this became the start of a new chapter for Abios.

As 2015 came to an end, we shifted our focus from consumer products to B2B sales of data. We now proudly work with a number of world-leading esports and gaming brands, ranging from news sites and forums to betting operations. Through our partners we make data and content available to millions of unique esports users every month, powering tens of millions of page views with captivating content.

What we do

We provide world-leading esports data and content to a variety of industries and companies. By collecting and supplying everything from team and player history to live scores, Abios helps many established and growing companies improve their products. At the same time, we help our data partners distribute and monetise their data. As a result, Abios contributes to the entirety of esports by improving the overall accessibility of information and data for the esports viewers. We want to help the esports industry continue its strong growth, while staying true to our original mission.

Our history

Milestones in our history that has made this journey special.

The start of our journey

Oskar and Anton sat down together while studying at the Stockholm School of Economics and Royal Institute of Technology and discussed venturing into the untouched industry of esports.

Abios Gaming AB

Abios is incorporated under the official name of Abios Gaming AB. The idea of esports betting must wait, there needs to be structure in esports first and the industry must mature.

Launch of Abios v1.0

The world's first calendar website and TV-guide for esports is launched, covering the top four games. The picture represents our original logo.

KTH Innovation

Abios joins the student incubator at the Royal Institute of Technology called KTH Innovation.

First paid employees

With some early seed money invested by the founders Abios starts to employ its first developers and editors part time. The founders are still working for free!

Seed Funding

After having been selected as 1/200 applying companies to the Bonnier Accelerator program in autumn of 2014, Abios closes its first round of financing of 5 MSEK.

Sponsor and Organiser

Abios sponsors and hosts several top tier tournaments such as Viagame House Cup in Dracula's Castle, Transylvania. Abios also works closely with many of the worlds most known streamers.

Pivot to B2B

After receiving numerous inquiries from other firms to use our data, live scores and information the decision is made to start developing a B2B API and become a data provider instead of a consumer site.

Additional Investors

Abios raises new capital and adds two new investors as shareholders, strengthening the balance sheet to build and distribute world leading data.

API and first customers

Abios launches the worlds first esports API containing all kinds of live and historical data. It contains everything from fixtures, tournament information and player stats.

Exhibiting at Betting on Sports

As our customer base grew we started to travel to business events around the world to show of our products.

CEO Oskar speaking in Berlin

And as our brand brand became associated with quality, we also started to travel to talk about us and the business as a whole to industry peers and analysts.

Sales Team in Amsterdam

As travelling becomes more frequent we make sure to have fun with the team after a hard days work.

CTO Anton at AWS Summit

Our tech has also caught the attention from industry giants. Here Anton and Patrik talk about our infrastructure in front of a 1000+ ppl audience at the AWS Summit.

Stockholms Best View

With the continued growth of Abios it was once again time for new offices and this time we upgraded to the crown jewel of Stockholm. We took over and renovated the entire top floor of Södra Teatern.

Abios Widgets

In January 2019 we launched the Abios Esports Widgets, our second product line, together with the flagship customer and partner Unibet.

Winners of Corporate League

Throughout 2019 our corporate CS:GO team managed to beat and knock out teams like Spotify and Avanza to claim first place in the Swedish CS:GO Corporate League.

Abios Odds

Early 2020 we launched an industry leading, data driven, odds feed. A true full life cycle esports odds service.

Reach for the stars

Let's make esports history together!

Why Abios?

Teamwork is not only a buzzword but with our flat organisation we always move as one. We truly believe that Abios can only succeed if we work together and strive for common goals together.
For us, company growth is no our only focus, professional growth is super important as well. That's why we have internal and external initiatives to keep everyone growing and learning.
Passion for esports
We are passionate about changing the industry and we'll work hard to reach that goal. Rest assured, you'll be surrounded by talented and passionate people if you come and work with us! 🌟
We are proud to call our office the crown jewel of Stockholm. With a panoramic view of the city and 5 balconies, previously used as VIP booths during concerts, we make everyday well-being a high priority.
At Abios we love to do things together both in- and out-side office hours. You can join one of our corporate teams and play your favourite games colleagues or hang out for music and drinks after working hours. If you like to travel then join one of our many sales trips to cities around the world!
One of our core beliefs is that no company can succeed without a shared culture and mission. If you enjoy a flat structure with open, communicative and humble colleagues, you will fit right in.
We would love to have you in our network - Connect ♡

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